With understanding of brand identity and strategy, we hunt for the raw ingredients that put a brand at the center of a documentary narrative.

With the release of JBL’s Studio 2 Speaker, we focused on the design and engineering of the product, highlighting interesting and inspiring moments.

Simply amazing work that tells you that there are people working at JBL who really enjoy their job.
— YouTube Comment

We engaged Walmart’s place in contemporary American culture when we created a 4-minute documentary around a fine artist’s Walmart Series painting project.

We let the artist’s story speak for itself; the film brought authenticity to the Walmart brand.

Great addition to our social history. It points to how the Wal-Marts of this world influence daily life and, at another level, impact on the evolution of humankind.
— Vimeo Staff Pick Comment
  • Released on the homepage of The Atlantic & Vimeo Staff Pick.

  • 80,000+ organic views from embedded properties.

  • 30+ comments between The Atlantic and Vimeo.

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In the 1980s, there were no stars in the basement of the White House. Just a band of radio correspondents witnessing history. They called themselves the Sons Of The Basement. 

Featuring: Wendell Goler | Fox News // Steve Taylor | Fox Radio // Bob Fuss | CBS Radio // Peter Maer | CBS Radio // Bill Small | Bloomberg Radio

For Wobaby Basics, we told the story of Sherry Poon, a Canadian designer who started a children’s apparel company in Shanghai, China.

We took on the stigma surrounding ‘Made in China.’ Sherry Poon made a conscious decision to not only manufacture her children’s clothing in China, but to also base her company in Shanghai. We briefly explore that decision in this 60-second documentary.

  • Substantive ideas that engage mainstream culture and either shape or challenge deeper cultural trends.

  • Dynamism that focuses on kinetic moments in every story and puts bodies to motion.

  • Emotional flash-points that explore the feels that take us through a story.

  • Graphic interest where cinematic visuals capture viewers.